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Welcome to the world of decorative concrete with Minster Paving Systems™
If you are looking to replace that old worn-out driveway or patio, decorative concrete or printed concrete is the perfect solution. Maybe you simply want a new one that’s different. Does the idea of having your own unique kitchen worktop or floor design seem a good idea – then consider acid stained concrete or etched concrete.

Whether you’re renovating an old property and need an old world feel or you simply want something very different and very special – think decorative concrete. In fact, whatever look or special feel you are trying to achieve, you can achieve it with decorative concrete or decorative concrete overlays.

Decorative concrete products can be stained, imprinted, ground and polished or any combination and all can be tailored to your personalised individual needs whilst at the same time delivering much-improved durability over the materials they imitate. Concrete’s unique willingness to accept imprinted patterns, acid stains and colours or beautiful polished finishes makes concrete an ideal product for consideration on any project where you are looking to create that personal touch.
Hard wearing with low maintenance, concrete’s versatility allows you to use it to create bespoke pattern driveways and paths, pool surrounds, patios or kitchen worktops – your options are unlimited. Acid staining, grinding and polishing can achieve the most stunning effects and designs you could possibly imagine. Colours and design options are endless and formulated to suit your exact wishes.

Continue to explore this site and find out how Minster Paving Systems can bring to your home or business decorative concrete that is both cost-effective and different. Let decorative concrete help you achieve that special feel and effect that you are looking for.

For general enquiries please use the enquiry page, however, should you have specific questions about decorative concrete or simply feel happier speaking to someone in person, please call 01949 875782
If you’re a dedicated DIY’er looking for the right tools and materials or simply want a proven contractor to update your tired old drive, Minster Paving Systems can offer a friendly service to help you find what you are looking for.

Our experience with concrete is based on over 20 years as professional installers, regularly making industrial pours of circa 1000m² per day each and every week. This detailed understanding of concrete allows us to deliver high quality finished decorative concrete to you the customer, regardless of the size of the project.

As a decorative material concrete is consistently finding new markets, some of which can be undertaken by the enthusiast, some of which should only be undertaken by profession contractors. Whichever you fall into, Minster Paving Systems will continue to explore all new avenues for decorative concrete and installation techniques making them available for all.

We will continue to offer our tailored design service, DIY supplies of tools and materials. Advice can always be obtained over the telephone. At Minster Paving Systems all our experience and purchasing power is made available to our customers and our aim is to ensure that you, the customer, get exactly what you want, be it a new drive to upgrade a tired worn out old drive or something special to your own design.

Our website is extensive and continually updated. However, should you find the information is not there or would rather speak to someone in person, just call us on 01949 875782.

Some FAQ’s

Q. Is concrete more expensive than traditional materials?
A. No, decorative concrete and installation costs are comparable to paving slabs, brick and stone sets.

Q. How long do these materials last?
Installed correctly and maintained properly concrete driveways, patios and floors have a very long life when compared to the traditional materials.

Q. How are all the wonderful colours achieved on floors and concrete worktops?
Sometimes colour pigment is added to the wet concrete before pouring. Once installed the concrete is then treated with dyes or acids or a combination of all three to achieve what you are looking for.

Q. How are concrete drives and patios made to look like real mineral stone?
As a wet product, we are able to apply printable templates to the surface when the concrete is wet. The concrete then takes on the pattern or texture you have selected.

Q. Can we use these products internally?
Yes, absolutely. Many of our floor coverings were historically chosen to cover poor quality floors as well as giving us something a little warmer to stand on. With the advent of underfloor heating you no longer need carpets, staining and colouring allow you to have wonderful unique patterns where carpets used to be.

Q. Where should concrete be avoided?
None – concrete is extremely versatile and hard wearing. It can be cast in any shape you desire, printed and stained. It’s cool in summer and with underfloor radiant heating, warm in the winter. It’s tough as old boots and requires little maintenance – what more could you ask for?

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